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Top Benefits of SEO for Your Business

Top Benefits of SEO for Your Business

When it comes to marketing to consumers online, not all marketing efforts are created equal. In this article, we will explore the benefits of SEO and why search engine optimization (SEO) can deliver the greatest return on investment of all marketing efforts – for eCommerce stores and offline stores alike! Finally, we will get to the hard facts of how SEO can boost your sales – independent of whether you own an eCommerce site or a brick-and-mortar store.

No matter whether you own an eCommerce site or a more traditional brick-and-motor store, using SEO best practices can give you a leg up when it comes to helping your customers find you online. It’s important to note that 88% of consumers research their purchases online before making their final buy decision either online or in stores.

Here we’ll observe the hard facts of how SEO can help your business.


7 Benefits of SEO for Your Business

  1. SEO Solves Consumer’s Problems

Filling a market gap is the first essential step to creating a successful business. When your company offers value that no other company is currently offering, you can help make your customers’ lives easier by solving a problem that no other company is addressing. For a killer SEO strategy, your content should focus on how you solve consumer’s problems.

According to Chief Marketing Officer of Bazaarvoice, Sara Spivey, on the topic of successful companies, “I would say, the ones that I’ve seen that have done a great job are the ones that are really clear about what problem they are trying to solve. ‘Can digital transformation help us? And how would we do that?’ Rather than digital transformation for digital transformation’s sake. It’s to what end.”

Building a successful business takes more than simply repackaging products already available on the market. It focuses on new ways to meet consumers evolving needs. When your content focuses on how you can better solve your customers’ problems, your SEO and website traffic will benefit.



  1. SEO Increases Website Traffic

The first way SEO can boost your website traffic is by improving your website’s click-through-rate. Your website’s click-through-rate is a measure of the number of people who click to view your website divided by the number of people you reached. Having a high click-through-rate further improves your SEO because search engines track this and give your website a better ranking when you have a high click-through-rate.

The second way that SEO can boost your website traffic is by improving user’s time-on-site. As users spend more time scrolling through your website’s pages, your website ranking will improve. Accordingly, a good SEO strategy should involve writing content that makes people want to read on, improving users time-on-site.

A third way that SEO can boost your website traffic is by directly influencing your search ranking in major search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. A study published by Oneupweb tracked the average website traffic and conversion rate that resulted from a website moving into the top three pages of Google. The study tracked over 100 keywords for several industries at three time periods: the month before, the month after, and three months after a website appeared on the first three pages of Google.

And the results? At one month after the website appeared on the first three pages of Google, traffic from a specific keyword increased by five times what it had been previously. At two months after ranking on the second or third page for a certain keyword, website traffic increase by nine times. This increase in website traffic was correlated to a moderate increase in sales.

Top Benefits of SEO for Your Business top benefits of seo for your business Top Benefits of SEO for Your Business SEO BENCHMARK

How does this compare to ranking on the first page of Google? If your SEO efforts take to you the first page of Google, you will see a dramatic increase in not only website traffic, but also in conversions to customers, as well. The Oneupweb study found that sites that enter the top 10 Google search results for the first time experience (on average) a six-fold increase in website traffic in the first two months, compared with their website traffic prior to being on the first page.

And what about if you make it to the number one organic listing? If you make it to the top search result in a search engine, you will receive up to 37% of all website traffic for that search. This will translate into not only far more visitors but also far more sales for you. Once you rank number one on Google, your website will benefit from thousands of free hits.

When you invest in SEO, your website authority will improve with your search ranking. This will also result in a stronger Google search ranking for your website blog. As your blog receives more traffic, you will benefit from more shares and referral traffic, further improving your website traffic and website ranking.

One of the benefits of SEO is that it enhances the company’s growth and sales of products over time, without relying on paid ads. When you invest in SEO, the website becomes valuable enough to promote itself. This means you will not have to continue paying for advertising that needs a regularly re-filled pocket. The amount you spend in SEO will, therefore, have a greater ROI compared with what you would pay in ongoing ads.

To gain website traffic from your SEO efforts, it is important to follow all the SEO best practices.

  • The higher you rank for certain keywords, the more website traffic you will receive.
  • Your website traffic will also benefit by having more text on the page (versus in graphics and images).
  • Having keywords in your page <title> will also result in a higher ranking and therefore higher website traffic.
  • Finally, gaining lots of backlinks from other websites will also lead to improved website ranking and site traffic.



  1. SEO Increases Conversion Rates

A recent study published by Oneupweb investigated the impact of SEO efforts on website traffic and conversion rates. The study found that when a website moved into the first page of results for the first time, its conversion rates increased by 42% in the first month and a whopping 94% by the second month.

How does SEO translate to helping your business? Like this:

  1. As you pump out online content (with certain keywords), your webpages are more likely to appear in the top few pages of Google when a consumer performs a search for those keywords.
  2. As your content grows, your ranking will rise.
  3. A high website ranking means you will receive more website visitors and backlinks to your content from other websites.
  4. These backlinks and website visitors will also play into your SEO and your ranking will again improve.

In this way, SEO can help to create organic, ongoing traffic to your website that translates into more sales for your business.

Another key benefit of SEO is that it allows you to pinpoint your niche market. When you know your target market, you can use SEO to directly target a small, specific group of people who are highly interested in your products. In other words, you can spend less money to directly target stronger leads at any stage of the buyer’s journey.

A good SEO strategy will involve creating content to help customers as they go from simply being aware of the products out there, to considering buying your product, to their final buy decision. Helpful content can also help to handle any questions or objections your customers may have when considering buying your products either online or in-store.

Ultimately, the right SEO strategy can help you double, triple, or even quadruple your revenue. As your sales improve, you can expand into new cities, regions, or countries leading to huge growth opportunities.



  1. SEO Provides A Consistent Online and In-Store Shopping Experience

For companies that sell products both online and offline, the consistency of shopping experience matters for customers. According to Chief Marketing Officer of Bazaarvoice, Sara Spivey, “The consumer wants the same experience. They don’t want to have to think differently about whether there is a benefit or a consequence to where they buy. You have to remove that.”

What Spivey speaks to is a kind of digital transformation that will determine the success of businesses who rely on a mixture of online and in-store sales.

How does this translate into your SEO strategy? For starters, your branding should be incredibly consistent from your website to your physical store. If you use lots of bright colours online, this should be reflected in your brick-and-mortar store as well.

Another important tip is to make sure any sales you offer are available both online and in-stores. If you update your in-store products offered, your website should also reflect this change.

Ultimately when thinking about your SEO strategy, consistency of content and branding across offline and online stores is key.



  1. SEO Helps You Achieve Global Growth

No matter whether to plan to expand your purely offline or online store internationally, SEO can help make it happen. To help your company expand around the world, your SEO strategy should focus on four key things: your IP address, your top-level domain (TLD), your onsite content, and your backlink profile.

The first consideration for a global SEO strategy is to rank highly across several search engine results pages (SERPs) created for different countries. To rank internationally, it is important that you secure a top-level domain (TLD) for your website. Your domain is the dot extension at the end of your website, such as .com, .org., and .net.

Since general TLDs are not specific to a given country, they are better for ranking internationally. If you want to target only a select few countries, then you may wish to secure their country-specific domains, like .ca (for Canada), .uk (for the United Kingdom), and .de (for Germany).

Another consideration for your global SEO strategy is whether you want to host your websites from the countries you are targeting. Search engines such as Google take your IP address into account when ranking your site in different countries. If you want to use geo-targeted IP addresses, you have a few options.

One option is to shop around for a hosting provider or rent additional rack space in the countries you are targeting.

If your hosting provider offers different geo-targeted IP addresses, you could ask your hosting provider to help you target certain countries.

A third consideration for ranking globally is having onsite content that is optimized for different countries.

To follow SEO best practices, you should write onsite content written specifically for each country you are targeting. Your country-specific pages should have an optimized page copy, with optimized page titles, and meta descriptions. Your country-specific webpages should also be written in the languages spoken by each of your target countries.

A final SEO consideration for ranking internationally is building strong backlinks. Building backlinks, otherwise called offsite SEO, involves having other websites link to your website. For optimal global SEO, you should have backlinks from websites located out of the different countries you are targeting. This is because Google will consider the IP address, and top-level domain of the websites linking to your site, when ranking your website in different countries.

Ultimately, to gain your worldwide rankings, you need to invest in a global SEO strategy. For best results, your SEO strategy should focus on four key things: your IP address, your top-level domain, your onsite content, and your backlink profile.

How can SEO better position your business? By improving your company’s online eCommerce experience to match that of the in-store shopping experience, the shopping experience becomes more enjoyable for your customers. This, in turn, will boost customer loyalty because they will clearly know what they can expect of you, no matter whether they buy online or in-stores.



  1. SEO Offers Long-Term Benefits

When you share helpful and informative content, it is likely to be useful years from now. For this reason, one blog can continue to pull in website traffic over the years, giving you a high return on investment. Content that continues to be useful over time is called evergreen content, and it is a key part of delivering a successful SEO strategy.

Knowing how to repurpose content you have already written is an easy way you can get double the value from content on your website or blogs. To follow SEO best practices, try to re-word the content a little bit throughout when you repurpose it. For example, you could repurpose your FAQ answers into a series of blogs that address each question. This results in less writing, editing, and creating for you with improved SEO and website rankings over time.

Though it can take 6 to12 months to see the results of your SEO efforts, once you start ranking in search engines, your high rank will remain stable over time. Once you rank in a top position, your website will rarely move to a lower ranking.

As your website rankings rise, your business will become more valuable over time. By increasing your website traffic and sales over time, your SEO becomes a valuable intangible asset of your business. SEO rankings tend to remain stable over the years, making SEO a powerful investment for your business. If you are planning to sell your business in the future, your SEO can help contribute to your business’s net worth.

Have you heard that SEO is the new PR strategy? Well, that’s because it involves optimizing content for consumers. A good SEO strategy will focus on sharing important news updates about your company and on building backlinks from other reputable websites; essentially what you used to pay PR to do before SEO became your go-to.



  1. SEO Lowers Your Cost of Acquisition

A good SEO strategy can earn you organic traffic that remains stable or increases over time. The more you can rely on organic traffic from your optimized website and blogs, the less you can spend on other marketing efforts such as ongoing paid ads. You can avoid pay-per-click altogether if your SEO strategy gets you to the first few pages of Google’s search results.

Compared to other marketing efforts, SEO is surprisingly much more affordable. Generally ranging from $800 to $2,000 a month, SEO can gain you an invaluable return on investment. Once you enter the first page of Google it will result in more website traffic, sales, and growth for your company, without having to continually put money towards other advertising efforts.

How does SEO compare to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising? SEO generates 90% more traffic than PPC ads. This is because organic search results (gained through SEO) receives 90% of all clicks. Once you rank high in search engines, you can pause your PPC ads altogether, relying on organic traffic gained through your SEO efforts.

Over time, your SEO will bring in enough website traffic that you can drop other marketing efforts (such as billboards and cold-calls) altogether. When it comes to SEO, the content you pump out advertises for you non-stop. You don’t need to worry about paying for ads to run at a specific time of day to save money because SEO earns you website traffic 24/7. Your SEO will, therefore, help to boost your website traffic at every time of day, on every day of the year.

One of the key benefits of SEO is that you benefit from having an optimized online presence.

For optimal SEO, you will also have to boost your website safety and security, making your website more trusted by search engines and consumers alike. Another key area of focus is making your website mobile friendly. As more users search for products and services online, search engines favor mobile-friendly websites more and more.

Finally, for optimal SEO you will need to focus on improving your website speed. When you improve your website speed this helps to boost your search rankings, while also improving the user experience of people visiting your website.

To reap the full benefits of SEO, you should focus on all areas of digital marketing because it all contributes to your website raking. When you use the right mixture of web design, content marketing, social media marketing, and online advertising, your SEO rankings will skyrocket. Employing cutting-edge SEO tactics can help you with every stage of the buyer’s journey – from having more consumers stumble upon your website online, to converting more leads into customers, to boosting your sales and finally helping you retain customers.

What are the cutting-edge SEO strategies you should know about? Search engines, like Google, are constantly updating their ranking algorithms so SEO best practices are constantly changing. For the latest SEO best practices, check back at Lean Marketing or stay tuned for an upcoming blog! When it comes to your SEO strategy, staying on top of the latest techniques is key to driving traffic to your website, resulting in more sales for your business.


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If you find this article Top Benefits of SEO for Your Business interesting, and you don’t know where to begin with your SEO efforts? This article on 6 Essential Lessons in SEO is for you. If you prefer to call in the top experts in SEO and marketing in the Edmonton area, look no further.

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