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What is Lean Marketing?

What is Lean Marketing?

In business, lean management is a technique that gradually streamlines operations by cutting any internal processes that don’t provide value to customers.  Lean business management involves reducing operating costs while boosting the quality of products or services provided, helping your bottom-line.

How can the concept of lean be applied to the marketing world? We at Lean Marketing believe that you should only pay for marketing ads and services that drive results. Using the Lean cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act, we streamline our marketing approach for each of our customers.

How lean gives you the best online marketing in Edmonton


In lean business managing, the Plan Phase involves analyzing a current process to determine how it can be improved upon.

For Lean Marketing, this phase involves a complete analysis of your website and social media platforms. We inspect your written and graphic content, taking in everything that makes your business unique. With this information, we create a targeted digital marketing strategy.


As a lean business process, the Do Phase involves enacting small changes to test a new approach. Data analysis is performed to track the impact on cost-savings and end-goals.

During the Do Phase, Lean Marketing focuses on a dynamic approach to reaching your target customers. We begin by testing two different core messages and content styles against each other to determine the most impactful content strategy.


In lean management, the Check Phase involves evaluating each change to determine what worked and what should be left out.

To determine what’s working, Lean Marketing uses A/B testing, which involves using two different messages simultaneously. The highest performing content is analyzed to determine it’s reason for boosting likes, shares, comments, or website traffic.


During the Act Phase changes that improve a prior standard are replicated and further improved upon. Changes that fail to improve the initial baseline are rejected in favor of the initial process.

At Lean Marketing, we realize your business goals with a highly targeted approach. Your current amount of website traffic and number of customers or followers is used as a baseline for us to improve upon. Following analysis of what content is most effective, we cut anything that does not add value to your business. This ensures that all Lean Marketing efforts are directed towards driving website traffic and customers to you.

Focusing on what works, marketing with all clarity, no clutter.


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Validation Driven Development

Lean Marketing uses the lean concept of Validation Driven Development (VDD), which eliminates any expense that doesn’t provide value for customers. Lean Marketing targets its approach to telling your organization’s story based on whatever methods provide the best results. This leads to guaranteed, continuous improvement of your advertising presence.

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