A picture of a laptop open to an eCommerce website. The image shows a picture of a couch available in-store. The image represents how SEO can be used to pull in more sales either online or offline.

Top 7 Benefits of SEO for Your Business

Why Does Your Small Business Need SEO? When it comes to marketing to consumers online, not all marketing efforts are created equal. In this article, we will explore why search engine optimization (SEO) can deliver the greatest return on investment of all marketing efforts – for eCommerce stores and offline stores alike! Finally, we will get to the hard facts …

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A computer screen shows the words "DO MORE." It is a reference to how online eCommerce stores must use more SEO tactics to outrank their competitors.

6 Benefits of SEO for eCommerce Sites

Why does your eCommerce store need SEO?  eCommerce has become a powerful means of selling products online. A key benefit is that it allows businesses to sell outside of their geographical location to individuals around the world, enabling the eCommerce companies with the strongest online presence to rake in enormous profit margins.  In 2017 alone, the eCommerce industry reached $2.3 …

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