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How to Modernize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Modernize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’re an established business, chances are that you have digital marketing strategies that are in consonance with your goals. You update these strategies every now and then because of the ever-evolving business landscape and digital marketing realm, the upgrades in technology, and unpredictable consumer behaviour. Such updates are necessary for your business to be able to keep up with the demands of the current business landscape.

Here are a few tips on how you can modernize your digital marketing strategies and make sure that you are positioned for success.

Organizational Goals and Key Metrics

When it comes to employing digital marketing strategies, you must go back to your core as a business, by considering your current business or organizational goals. These goals are paramount for determining the key metrics you will use to measure campaign performance and success. As such, marketing strategies are dependent on these metrics. Your company’s business goals will remain constant over time. However, changes in your business’ services or products, consumer behaviour, and technology will necessitate a change in your key metrics. As your company’s marketing strategist, you must align your digital marketing tactics with the current key metrics of your company. This is one way to clean up your current digital marketing strategies.

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Evaluate Current Digital Marketing Strategies

After you’ve determined the key metrics that spring from the overall business goals, the next thing you should do is evaluate all digital strategies being employed in the company. It is possible that you are using the following strategies and platforms for your digital marketing schemes:

  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-click (PPC) tactics
  • Websites, blogs, podcasts, etc.
  • Webinars and live events
  • Social media channels

Once you have a list, it’s time to assess if these strategies are consistently being used, if they are working or not, if they are highly relevant and updated, and if they contribute to your overall business success. Eliminate what is unnecessary, reassess what has potential, and nurture what is thriving.

Marketing Strategies Versus Goals

Now that you have a list of all the digital marketing strategies your company uses, it’s time to align them with your organizational goals via the key metrics. You should make sure all marketing tactics directly impact your key metrics.  You also want to avoid any strategies that may hurt your business goals.

Key metrics and marketing strategies are the two main aspects of a business and should, therefore, go hand in hand. Chances are some of the digital marketing strategies being employed by your company are no longer working, must be updated, or should be eliminated altogether.

For instance, your SEO needs to be updated to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Your website should be redesigned using a more minimalist approach for easy navigation. You also need to have sequential email marketing tactics to generate more leads. Finally, you need to engage with your audience on social media more often. These are but a few ways to spruce up your digital marketing strategies.

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