What Lean Management Does for Digital Marketing.

What Lean Management Does for Digital Marketing

It isn’t easy to see the connecting fibres between a management methodology (one that originated in the manufacturing industry, no less) and a digital marketing strategy. And yet the concepts of lean business management can be easily adapted to digital marketing to help drive better results while limiting resources needed. What is lean management? Lean management is an approach to …

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The Lean Marketing process of P-D-C-A is illustrated. Plan. Do. Check. Act.

What is Lean Marketing?

In business, lean management is the process of streamlining business operations by cutting any internal operations that fail to provide value to customers.  Lean business management involves reducing operating costs while boosting the quality of products or services provided, helping your bottom-line. How can the concept of lean be applied to the marketing world? We at Lean Marketing believe that you …

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