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A Killer Website Launch Party: Pro Tips

A Killer Website Launch Party: Pro Tips

Is your business about to launch a new website? Have you ever organized a website launch party? Here is a checklist on how to get the most traffic you can, from day one of your website launch. If you are launching a new website for your business, you may be hoping that modern and responsive website design is enough to generate website traffic the second it goes live, people will quickly be finding you online and eagerly reading your content.

While we applaud you for this positive thinking, unfortunately, the realist thinking suggests that the real website traffic is rewarded over time, by consistently updating your content and by following SEO best practices.

Search engines rank websites based on a whole number of factors that all involve your SEO and social media rankings. While just starting with great content can help, having past traffic plays into your search ranking, so it is normal for traffic to start a bit slower before picking up steam. However, there is a way to speed up the process with a certain type of marketing campaign.

How to Boost Your Traffic Quickly

If you don’t want to wait to see your website climb to the first few pages of Google search results, there is a nifty new strategy you can use to increase your website traffic from the moment of your launch: this strategy involves having a website launch party.


What is a website launch party?

You can think of a website launch party as the online version of an open house for your business. The idea is that you invite business partners, friends and family members, and your target customers to be the first to see your new website so they can get excited about your products or services. You can think of a website launch party as accomplishing the same thing – but for an online community.


60 Days Pre Launch: Steps for Your Virtual Launch Party

Schedule a launch date and time.

When scheduling a date for your website launch party, choose a weeknight so that your virtual event won’t conflict with anyone’s weekend plans. It is best to set the time far in advance so that you can send out “save the date” email invitations and plan out your launch event.

Pro tip:

Create a countdown until your launch party and share it on social media to build excitement! It’s a good idea to create a Facebook event and invite friends, family members, and colleagues to the event. Ask them to share the news!

60 Days Pre Launch: Set up a “Coming Soon” landing page.

Before you begin working on your website design and layout, set up a “Coming Soon” page on your domain. Add a countdown to the landing page so that visitors will know when to check back.

Pro Tip:

Add field asking people to subscribe to your email, so you can notify them when your website has been launched.

Plan all the virtual content, activities, and giveaways.

During a typical open house, you offer free hor d’oeuvres and product samples and then give a speech thanking everyone for attending. For a virtual launch party, it is best to plan “party favours” or giveaways and content in advance so that you will be ready to launch your website with a bang!

Pro Tip 1: 

When planning your social media content, create a hashtag unique to your event, such as #BusinessNameLaunchParty, and use it on your social media account, mainly Facebook and Twitter feeds to make your website launch party more shareable.

Pro Tip 2:

To create content that’s highly shareable, include videos from your business founders, the business location itself, or the team members.  Have the business owners introduce the business, how they got started, and details of the website launch.

Pro Tip 3:

For giveaways, use it to entice people to subscribe to your newsletter. On your website launch party day, you can increase your number of email subscribers by asking your followers to opt-in to receive newsletters for a chance to win a prize, such as a cellphone, laptop, or free products and services.

Pro Tip 4:

To collect the most email addresses, have a call to action section at the bottom of the homepage and on each of the landing pages, asking visitors to subscribe. Try a message like “Subscribe to our eNewsletters now for a chance to win ___ when our new website goes live!”


30 Days Pre Launch: Send Out Email Invites

Create a visually stunning email that invites people to your launch party. Web design has to be responsive, eye-catching, and modern.

Pro tip 1:

Notify your friends, family members, and colleagues first (at least a few days before your official launch). You can think of this as the soft launch of your website because you can get feedback on anything you need to fix – from broken web links, typos or grammar errors, and user experience.

A Killer Website Launch Party launch A Killer Website Launch Party: Pro Tips PAGE SPEED

Pro Tip 2:

During this final testing phase, you should also check page speed to see how quickly each page loads. Having a slow page will increase your bounce rate so it should be avoided before your official launch party. After this final round of testing and editing, you can send out the invites to your business partners and clients for the official launch date.

Pro Tip 3:

Be mindful of how much you are emailing your subscribers. Less frequent emails that are informative and engaging will do the trick. If you email your subscribers too much it will come across as spam – so remember that less is more.


15 Days Pre Launch: Announce the launch via social media.

At least 15 days of your website launch party, make sure to engage with your followers and create interest and enticement. Engage with anyone who comments about your website launch party or your business. Interacting pleasantly and engagingly helps showcase your brand’s personality.

Pro tip 1:

Create a launch event page to invite people to your online event. You can use Eventbrite, Facebook Events, or LinkedIn to do this. Remember to encourage the people you invite to spread the word and extend the invitation to their friends and family! The incoming links from these social media sites to your domain will help to increase your traffic and search rankings.

Pro Tip 2:

If you already have a large social media following or high traffic on your current site, you can make a preview video showing what your website looks like about a week before your its official launch date. For a free tool to create your video recording, you can use Screencast-O-Matic.


Website Launch Party Day: Have a real-life event to support the website launch.

Throughout the launch day, you should have interesting, stunning and responsive web design, attractive graphics, videos, and content ready to be shared, at least one article or blog post (from your website). Make sure to include a link to your website in all posts!

Pro Tip 1:

Throwing a party at your business location ties in beautifully with a launch. If you offer free food and door prizes, it can help to entice people to come to your event and from there you can showcase your website.

Pro Tip 2:

Try live streaming the party to your social media followers. Including a “thank you” speech is a great way to thank people who showed up for your launch – both in-person and online.


Post Launch: Write an engaging blog article and Guest Posts.

A Killer Website Launch Party launch A Killer Website Launch Party: Pro Tips CREATIVE CAMPAIGNS

When you launch your website, it is best to start off with at least one article in its news section. Blog articles are perhaps the most shareable part of your website so it helps to provide your initial visitors with an interesting article they can share with their friends.

Pro Tip: Your article should be about more than just a “Welcome to Our New Website” introductory paragraph. Try including some interesting bits of information about your company such as the founders’ story of how you got started. If you talk about your new website, make sure to include screenshots of the most useful pages that represents a modern and eye-catching design. Try our FREE website screenshot tool.


Post Launch: Continue Digital Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

When it comes to optimizing your website over time, you need to have a clear online marketing strategy that includes social media marketing, content marketing, and website optimization. Since search engines reward sites that are frequently optimizing their content, your online marketing strategy needs to be ongoing, if you want to continue to see an increase in your website traffic over time.

Pro Tip:

Use your newly built email list to send highly engaging and useful emails. To avoid coming across as “spammy”, the emails should provide information about your business or industry that your audience would find truly interesting.

Follow the steps above to be off to a great start with your website launch party. While it will take time to generate a large amount of traffic, a simple virtual launch party can put you months ahead in terms of how much traffic you may generate from day one.

Remember that to build buzz around your website; it is best to start planning it early on – before you even start working on your new website. A successful launch party depends on pre-launch planning, spreading the word, generating interest over time with a countdown, and online events on social media channels to get people hyped before your website even goes live.

Do you have any website launch tips that worked wonders for your business? Leave a comment below with a link to your website. We would love to hear how you pulled it off – along with any tips you have on the website launch process.

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