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Lean Marketing.

Lean in the business world means providing higher quality services for less. It’s time lean and marketing become one.

Who We Are

Lean Marketing was founded to help Edmonton startups and small businesses take their marketing budget further. By focusing on impactful content and social media channels that bring the highest ROI, we can boost your SEO, audience, visitor conversion and customer loyalty.

What We Do

As Lean Marketers, we bring clarity to your core message. We know that digital marketing is all about two things: you and your client. Lean Marketing forms human connections between you and your customers, merging creativity with strategy to build a lasting brand impression.

How it Works

Our Lean process positions your company so that your target customer anchors to your core message.  We remove the mystery most marketing agencies have around pricing by providing our marketing prices up-front, and by utilizing only the marketing services that will grow your customer base.

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Our Services.

What separate our services from our competitors? We provide more, for less.

When it comes to digital, Lean Marketing does it all.  Our in-house team of SEO experts, graphic designers, content writers, and website developers are here to broadcast your brand story, with a core message to draw the masses.

Our Lean Process is developed to provide impactful content, cutting out anything not linked to driving website traffic and customers to you.

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